About “Valkyrie” 

Our Valkyrie is built to last, with a two-year warranty on the working lid and hinges. 

The "Valkyrie" Advantage:

No heavy lifting-- protect your back, neck and shoulders.

Maintain heat and humidity-- help the colony stay comfortable.

Pest control--  without a lot of extra gadgets.

Easy to operate--

a truly "One-and-Done" experience!

Year-round Comfort-- With the Triple-layer and Inner cover system.

What We're About

What Is Our Goal

Because beekeeping should be "more fun, and less worrisome," here at the Beekeeper's Carpenter we are committed to helping reduce the stress, and increase the joy that may be found in your apiary.  Beginning with the Valkyrie Long hive, we seek to promote beekeeping practices that are "easier on the bees, and easier for the beekeeper."

The “Valkyrie” Long Hive System

A three-point system designed to help make beekeeping "Easier on the bees, and easier for the beekeeper."

Our Company

Bruce Hight Jr. has lived and worked in Central Oregon over 30 years. 

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