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Welcome to the home of the "Valkyrie" Long Hive.

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What Is Our Goal

At The Right Hand LLP, our goal is to create high-quality woodenware that brings more “fun” and less “worry” to your beekeeping. Because happy bees and happy beekeepers go hand-in-hand. Please be sure to visit Rusty Burlew on her site for a wealth of information and practical knowledge about all things Apiary, and her blog page: “The Valkyrie Long Hive: built with love for bees and their keepers.”

“Valkyrie” Long Hive

The Triple-layer Shetland Wool Blanket, made especially for the Valkyrie Long Hive.

Our Company

Bruce Hight Jr. has lived and worked in Central Oregon over 30 years. 

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About “Valkyrie” 

Our Valkyrie is built to last, really, and we offer a two-year warranty on the working lid and hinges. Could it withstand an IED…?  Sort of looks that way, and that’s how Bruce builds them...

Useful properties of honey

regulates metabolic processes

increases immunity

honey improves blood composition

helps to cope with insomnia

gives energy to the body