Triple-Layer with Shetland Wool Hive Blankets

Here it is at last!  The Triple-layer Shetland Wool Blanket, made especially for the Valkyrie Long Hive.  Each Valkyrie comes with a Canvas Inner Cover which, when laid over the top-bars of the frames, blocks the bees from entering the “attic” area of the hive lid.

These beautiful, three-layer blankets are made of re-purposed military blankets, a full five ounces of Shetland Wool, and a cotton fabric top layer. They are placed (in addition to the Canvas Cover) inside the Valkyrie wool side down, (on top of the canvas cover) and then left as is, all year long.

Make your beekeeping easier and help your colony to maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels: the Triple-Layer Blanket fits the bill for your bees!

Here's the correct placement of the Canvas Inner Cover for the Valkyrie.  While the bees get to see the "pretty side," the Beekeeper sees the seam allowances.  The colony will propolize all the edges, corners, and in between the frames.

The Triple-layer Shetland Wool nestles on top of the Inner Cover, helping to provide year-round assistance to the colony.  Because the bees aren't allowed past the Inner Cover, this upper blanket doesn't get propolized.

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