Insulated Stand

The rigid insulation (which comes standard with each stand,) has brought a new level of comfort — all year long– to your colony.  Two inches thick, it slides into the slot of our custom, made-to-fit, Valkyrie Long Hive Stand.  Easier for the bees; easier for the beekeeper!

So, why do you need this benefit? 

Through infra-red photography, there was found to be a significant heat loss through the bottom of  long hives which is abated by the rigid layer we’ve installed in our stand.  In the Summer months, the insulation also helps to stop super-heated air from the ground traveling upward and helps the ladies maintain optimum inner temperatures.  During Winter, the same is true for the super-cold air at ground level.  As a final “hooray!,” simply slide in your insulation panel–  one step, and done!


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